02. Poprad/PoprádGPS: 49.056,20.289
Poprad, 2019-04-26 21:01

For my taste, Rockrád would pleased more.

Pop. rád. means to you.

Light strolling through from Ružomberok and a little 110 km daily Tatra Tour to the Polish Czorsztyn and back.

Because everyone wants to know
After many-many kilometers, I'm not paying extreme attention to the incoming insects to the bike, but the Monsters of Tatra gave a new experience: imagine when you're shifting gears, and feel a silent thump under your left thumb.

When you look there notice, a fist-sized bug smeared apart - what could you do? The sticky thing and mass sticks to your NEW GLOVES, into its skin, into the grip and the gearshift lever. For over and over of kilometers wonderful.

For tonight
Didn't plan a dinner, but I was satisfied that my Czech is still fluent in the Billa:

Billa kartu?
Nemám. (nem-ám)
Kartu, prosíme.
*heard but not comprehended words*
Ukončete, prosím, výstup a nástup, dveře se zavírají!
*shocked face*
Upozorneje csesztujicí, zsedento vlak kon csí, dú ve stanyice - Madařsko

For tonight
I don't remember the last time I had a vanilla Pribináček - but tomorrow's weather. :/

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