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Tricky question: guess, in the given moment where was I in the country?

From the bottom Nagyon gyenge means very weak rain to more maelstrom to the top.

Bingo, where rain poured the heaviest. Although no reason to be alarmed:
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf,
the big bad wolf, the big bad wolf.
Nobody's afraid of the big bad wolf,
only the rain cover and the rubber gloves will be wet.

No need to become fancy, a good rubber gloves is perfect against the rain or even the wind.

So I tested the new gear, it works - at the very first attempt it took about 2 minutes to activate; thus the rain isn't a big bad wolf anymore. Of course, wearing the complete astronaut gear with thermo layer isn't the same feeling like riding in flip-flops and swimsuit (WTF?) but it's not troubling for a moment and is working. Nonetheless let's just add two wisdoms:

By the way, only a light 136 km is behind my back, from Mátraterenye through a rainy Mátra and all the way on Road 3 to Budapest.

I could skip the mountain-hill rainy roads and follow Bátonyterenye on main roads ... where would be the adventure then?

The Monday Kakucs
As written below, I learned a lot. Among the others, when have a little break, then the last round inspected that the oil level is good, and the petrol already disappeared in the tank.

Oh, yes. And just the same with the tire wall, on both the front and rear tires, what remained just melted.

So I learned a lot, for instance I just pushed a bit overboard in respect of the tires - also there's a reason why tires have a multiverse and which belongs to where.

What could one do, the tour was already fixed. For instance by the end of the TátraMátraTour you're descending on soft paws.

No reason to be shocked, because the tires already had about 25,000 km plus.

Personally I feel much more and better satisfaction to know that the tires had such last time and moments - than that idiotic tire smoking.

I accept it from professional car or motorcycle riders anytime, in controlled environments.

But those wannabe street warriors don't ever clean up their burnt tire in the asphalt.

The chocolate is not
When the first wheel starts to launch in the air.
But when with the above tires you notice on a Mátra morning, that lane splitter doesn't mean a main road curve, but a T-intersection: it could be a perfect braking on a dry road, in these circumstances meant absolute sliding.

The good thing, everything was controlled, you stopped already by the middle of the closer lane, and after turning onto the road, that 5 seconds later arriving Ikarus bus still had the time to notice you.

It was a great warm-up fun. But I have to honestly add, give and take the 4 days, the 996 km total distance, it was only a light entertainment with the daily average of 249 km rides.

I would be personally much more tired, if in a five-star hotel my Herculean bronze body would have to sip a fruit cocktail with the pineapple umbrella at the blue water pool.

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