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I think I can be bold enough that - now, already - call myself as a touring motorcycle rider.

The detailed entry on why Hornet isn't the optimal bike for the task is upon arrival - nonetheless after the yesterday rain and before the shower cast for the afternoon, I rode to the Honda TS Integral dealership in Cegléd, to jump on a 2019 Africa Twin for a quick ride. Which was so fresh, the odometer displayed 23 kilometer altogether.

Before that, I had an another chance, to sit on a NC750X too. Well, it's a great bike no misunderstandings, but the automatic transmission - regardless to how the technology advances - shall remain to a WTF forever for me.

I didn't push anything during the ride, kept everything in D. It was a windy day, two major differences were left in me compared to the Africa Twin:

Of course this is a good motorcycle, it's more likely the case when you're awaiting the highlight of the evening; before you feel only wasting your time. For daily commuting (there's space to store the helmet) in the capital and its agglomeration could be a good choice.

Alright. Put automatic transmission into city-commuter motorcycles.

But why SHOULD an adventure touring motorcycle ever want such?

Africa Twin, 2019
Knowing the reliability and other parameters of the Hondas, also as a touring rider - I've been planning to sit on the seat of an Africa Twin ... well, for quite some time. Naturally I have to add, just by my age at 27 I couldn't have too extensive memories or access in the 80s, when the Africa Twin hasted through the deserts and cut the earned cheese. Yet the double-headlight, unique blue-white-red design has always raised my attention.

In a masculine way, I had some caveats. Well no, not about the bike but my skills. Primarily the 1,000cc parallel-twin engine bites harder than a Harley 1,200, so more sensitive touch of the fingers and the wrist is advised. Secondly, now I don't know why did I feel that, but had some remote doubts with those bikes where the handlebar turns inside the fairing. Understand: the handlebar, the motorcycle, the upper part of your vision goes to the left/right, yet the instruments keep to move forward. It was foolishness: you might notice it at lower speeds, but otherwise a motorcyclist always looks as far as possible and not on the handlebar, right.

The clean, having contrasts and elegant red-white-black external qualities convinced me.

There isn't too much reason to extensively detail this entry, since this was my first real adventure motorcycle roll. I don't know the previous versions (yet) or the other brands' similar motorcycles (yet); so only short notions:

On the road
True, with adventure bikes the chest videography isn't exactly working anymore.

Further reading

After I sat back on the Hornet

Acknowledgement and thanks are rendered to Honda TS Integral for the test ride:

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