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Buenos Aires: 2019-05-13 14:05
Praha: 2019-05-13 19:05

The list of I'm not going to spend money ever again on this Motul product has been extended: this was the first and last time when I used the C5 chain paste.

I let if forward, it's possible that I did something n00bish, but since I've been using the spray-based products with satisfaction, I can be bold enough to say that my expectations had solid grounds.

Then there was Ružomberok. After putting down the luggage, refreshed and changed to street clothes, around 4:15pm went down to the bike and started to apply the paste.

The chain wasn't dirty, so there wasn't any extreme need to do cleaning as well.

While pushing the bike forward step-by-step, as it's written on the label I smeared the gray stuff everywhere where it's needed, a reasonable amount of layer, played Lord of the Rings from all sides.

I don't know if this paste likewise to the spray also needed some drying time, nonetheless the motorcycle stood until next day 10am: my calculator says that the paste had 18 hours to get fixed.

Well, it ain't did so.

I didn't even reach Czorsztyn, during a refuelling had to notice the naked, 18+, uncensored nature of the chain.


I got to the real cleaning of the chain only yesterday, which gave the statistics: the 1/3 part of the paste built up inside the first sprocket's protective shell, a ladle was used to remove the goo. The 2/3 part whisked itself to the back of the license-plate holder and the rear cat's eye. The remaining 3/3 I suppose, flew into the big world right after the departure.

Nevermore C5. C1, C2/C2+ shall humbly remain, even if they take more luggage space.

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