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Yesterday had the chance to take a Suzuki SV650 S from 2005 for a daytrip. Such a day, during the 10 hours ride I got off only occasionally (refuelling and a lunch), while doing a light Budapest - Road 7 - Szántód - Tihany - Balatonfüred - Veszprém - Mór - Oroszlány - Tatabánya - M1 - Budapest itinerary.

To avoid misunderstandings, from Szántód to Tihany over the Lake Balaton I used THE FERRY.

The loveable tractor
Although the bike runs in the later half of its life and tends to turn into a furnace but likewise to Honda, Suzuki is also known for their precision, so I hopped onto the bike with preemptive trust. The V2 rattles and vrooms, the resonance hits harder than in an inline-four, on the other hand has more torque and my doubts stop here - shall a positive list come forth.

Mentioning the Hornet the comparison will be only superficial, as we're talking about two different categories - former is a street/naked bike, latter a sport/touring bike.

For touring?
I would question this, have doubts. My fingers and both wrists got sore by the end of the day, which could be answered by the sport handlebar (I've never experienced such on the Hornet, where I've also had this many hours).

Also the typical feature of the sport bikes, the ready-for-action seating position - my waist was well exercised, hardened by the end of the day - yet it's not that tragic, around 190 the pedalling is still pleasant.

I meant my height, in centimeter.
I would remain with Hornet in respect of touring: all the knee angle, seating position and the handlebar grip is more comfortable and relaxed.

On the road
True, with sporty bikes the chest videography exactly isn't working anymore.

The verdict
I've started to salivate in respect of sportbikes.

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