Have you, ever?Budapest: 2019-05-25 19:05
Buenos Aires: 2019-05-25 14:05
Praha: 2019-05-25 19:05

Ridden successfully rainy and winding and slippery mountain roads with 15 kg luggage on the back, and on simultaneously cold and slick tires?

I have!


During the later days of this week I tested a new motorcycle stand, during which course I - as a professional - did not exercise the rule of RTFM. As a result the device pinched my palm - at the fleshiest part under the thumb - in a way that the partial weight pressure of the motorcycle just immediately bitten about an inch skin and flesh out.

There was blood too. Blood was spraying everywhere!

I made my own motorcycle tattoo, and a daytrip idea for this weekend waved a Bye!

I rather did not want to dye the glove's inside to red. Also while not impossible, but managing the clutch lever with the small and ring fingers isn't the most optimal.

So, I turned down the AC to the coldest, turned up the fans to make indoor tornado, shut down the blinds and opened all the taps.

Then I had extensive grumbling about the cold, windy, dark and rainy day.

Complete luck, that today absolutely didn't have a dry, sunny, perfect 22 °C biker-friendly weather. Not at all.

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