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The fingers on the hands...levers is an interesting topic.

I can honestly tell you, that I did not pinch my palm intentionally just to have the arching continuity of the entries.

Already realized this before, but instructors also explained that one mustn't ever keep the fingers on the brake lever. so I don't exactly understand this kind of motorcyclist attitude.

My deductive reasoning: if during traffic situations you need the inexistence of that tenth-hundredth-thousandth of a second on the road to avoid the accident - while you move your fingers onto the brake lever and actually pulling it - then you simply didn't assess the earlier 2-3 seconds correctly.

If you already assume that SUV driver, that weekend warrior or any random driver DOES NOT SEE you, then it's enough to close the throttle and watch the other vehicle's movement.

Not the blinking turning signal (if at all), the beauty of the driver or busy eyes on his or her mobile phone will wrap you away, but the tons-heavy metal container.

Then if needed, you'll use the brake. You have much higher chances to accidentally grip on the brake on usually bad roads, or the unnecessary stretching just tires the hand faster.

There are exceptions
One is the race track, the other are the winding forest curves and serpentine. On the track you need to be brake-aware, since the shifting and curves change so quick.

On curves and serpentine too - already breaking before, right - yet on unknown roads it may not be enough and the soft use of the brakes is helpful.

For me the following braking strategy worked out:

Gives the solid handlebar grip, the brake-awareness and opening the throttle, all at the same time.

One exception is just cruising, then if needed only pointing and middle finger goes onto the brake.

I know-I know one should use four fingers. As If two were enough, manufacturers would make shorter levers. or Immediately two out of one piece of metal. Probably, but it never worked for me: I can execute the same amount of force with the pointing and middle fingers as with four - but faster.

Clutching on the hand yes, four: quick-shifting and all these stuff, but to keep the gear system as healthy as possible, I rather ensure that the lever is completely in, only then moves the foot.

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