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That I've been clicked on sport bikes.

After the Wednesday Buenos Aires, only better could come this week; I'm still thinking whether the story should go public, which would abuse the Interesting-Funny-Educative Holy Trinity.

As discussed earlier, I hasted to Komárom and the Honda dealership, to hop on a CBR650F motorcycle from 2018. Also can be told, hard to say it was an elder machinery, from one part seeing its birthdate, secondly the odometer displayed 600 kilometer altogether.

There'll be only one sentence comparison with the Suzuki SV650S; more wouldn't make sense, see V2 vs. inline-four, 14 vs. 1 year old technology and so on. I don't know if I said the same after a 10 hours ride, but the 2018 CBR650F is less responsive in respect of the seating and arm and hand gripping position.

Altogether I had the luck to try a great bike:

On the road
True, there are sporty bikes where chest videography is still working.

It had digital gear indicator, it had.
I couldn't say that I used it even for a second.
First because I have principles.
Second, it showed here-and-there numbers while the calculator in my head and the clutch clearly told me 1st gear.

Sport bikes
I might be just assuring myself, but sitting on sportbikes I feel closer to the machine and motorcycling. The reason could be probably the seating and body position, whereas the rider composes one mass with the motorcycle better. So for example slow rolling is easier.

Africa Twin
Could have the chance to sit on an Africa Twin too, but this one was the DCT, automated transmission version. *sigh*

The motorcycle itself, the design, build and all other are still naturally ;)

After I sat back on the Hornet
Didn't notice anything particular or difference or boredom - foreplay still has its place, time and reasons - but the feeling has started to nag me, that you need to rev at least 5,000 RPM (let's make it 7,000) to have the torque start to work. Although I would mark, by comparison I would still stay on the Hornet for touring.

Acknowledgement and thanks are rendered to Honda Komfront for the test ride: http://komfront.honda.hu

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