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Praha: 2019-06-02 19:05

Quite a lot. For example an 11 hours Bakony-Balaton-Mátra ride, which (unintentionally) has broken the so far 508 km daily record distance.

The first BMW
I had the luck to take for a daily trip a BMW F800R motorcycle from 2011. Although it's spending the second part of its latter life, and the previous rentees did not exactly give it a gentle time, yet the total picture has drawn a very good motorcycle.

The ones which really got me:

There are drawbacks
It was hard to notice all this short time, but these ones for sure:

On the road
Only some part of light rolling in the Bakony, cruising and low growling in third-fourth gear:

The baby was already there.
I'm making no judgements, but this bike is much closer to a with skills handleable, yet still an instinctively wild rottweiler, than any oversweetened cuteness.

After I sat back on the Hornet
Semi stance ... bad news I have... I would need to think hard, what items could I enlist to tilt the balance in favour of the Hornet - and I'm not sure if it could succeed. Starting where I've done the mandatory Mátraing (serpentine ride between Parádsasvár and Mátrafüred) multiple times on the Hornet, but it was more entertaining on the F800R. Then comes the answer to nagging: the very responsive, yet not chocolateing to death aggressivity gives you the pleasure of motorcycling in every moment. The handlebar, the turning radius, the maneuverability is sky to the ground: Hornet has a bigger turning radius and it's more cumbersome due to the weight balance. Although the F800R isn't an adventure-touring bike, yet it can be also well sufficiently packed up.

Of course the tad meandering of the shining gold weaves running in the brocade fabrics of the Psyche and Fatum, the question of what would, if? might pop up, as if I had omitted the rule of gradual sanity, I might have a different motorcycle history today.

Final verdict
I want to sit on a GS. Full stop.


And today was the MotoGP.

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