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No reason to be alarmed, there won't be any private waterfall, also neither the backend verification code did throw a FATAL ERROR: too long entry! message.

After the previous arrangements, I hasted to the Motor Center Gyulai this morning to hop on a Suzuki V-Strom 650XT motorcycle from 2019. Still couldn't be said, that it was an old one, the odometer displayed 16,000 kilometer altogether.

Likewise to CBR650F vs. SV650S I won't dive into any kind of comparisons, because although the Africa Twin plays in the same league, yet it would make sense to do so only with the V-Strom 1000XT.

During the short test ride, the following came up quickly:

I liked the motorcycle overall, yet in the very strong competition with other brands if I chose a V-Strom, then I would very likely already go for the liter one.

Slight criticism
I can't exactly grasp the 21. century Japanese motorcycle designers. They have either a cyclops or a bug/insect eyes fetishism (tentacles would be a bit extreme) seeing the front lamps. Latter have successful specimens, yet one has to get accustomed to the one-eyed giant, to its beauty. I didn't find any other drawback during the short ride, also realized that I'm leaning toward the V2 and inline-twins: the vibration is acceptable and smooths out by time (I could still go forward after 11 hours on the not-so gently used F800R), in return you get one of the biggest pleasure of motorcycling, the already biting torque curve at lower RPMs.

On the road

So, what is wrong
I'm too tall. At least this is a theoretical woe, in reality I don't think so. The fact, when I started motorcycling, then Hornet just right matched by size: the harmony was perfect for a beginner, like lion taming: it roared if it wanted to, yet due to my size I've always had the rein in my hands.

As it's seen on the pages, by time I tried all the unfathomable black magic, taking down, raising, extending the windshield, yet none helped to clear lesser amount of bugs at the end of the day.

During the discussions after the recent test rides, also while sat on the adventure-touring bikes I learned, that I'm insurmountably tall for the Hornet (for touring) and this is the problem; there's absolutely nothing wrong with the bike.

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Acknowledgement and thanks are rendered to Motor Center Gyulai for the test ride:

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