01. Dobrý večer, Česká republikaGPS: 49.359,13.384
Kocourov, 2019-06-12 20:30

First and strong start, the Hornet's daily distance and duration record is broken: Budapest - Kocourov 555.9 kilometer, with refills, diversions due to road constructions cost altogether about 8h 40m.

I can admit, on the Hornet, at 1.9 mt, with the seat strapped 35 liter bag, prepared for more than usual days the acceptability limits are a bit stretched.

Got prepped stupidly: I have no clue why did I pack many kilos into the helmet backpack bag - which is only for quick access of the waterproof layers - especially 5x0.5 liter mineral waters. Could buy anywhere, for not that extreme extra amount of money to make the luggage hauling is worth.

The distance and duration can be easily endured, but noticed that with such miscalculated gear, after the 8th hour only silently but I tend to start to murmur under my non-existing moustache seeing the self and public-endangering attitudes of the gentleman and gentlewoman metal container drivers.

The water of course disappeared in no time - from now on only 1 will be in the daily pack at start.

The daily stop is Kocourov, a pleasant rural Czech atmosphere, relaxing and stretching, but since today there's no more motorcycling planned, even the Sun has gone over, so just an itinerary picture:

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