The Tragedy of the German CuisineGPS: 49.457,11.077
Nürnberg, 2019-06-15 20:41

The German kitchen, which _probably_ could not compete with the créme de la créme French or Italian kitchens.

Starting with centuries old fact, the German and Czech beer is the best in the world. One may try to argue with this, but it just won't make any sense, would be only a struggle.

Neither the meals have anything to be ashamed, starting with the all possible myriad of the meats, including and marking the smoked ham with a fresh slice of bread, horseradish and you don't want anything else.

Then there are various bakery or sweet cake stuff; although as I'm saltier than sweeter, cannot expose opinions on the latter topic.

Including the Schäufele, which is tender pork shoulder with heavenly crispy skin, sauce, dumpling and escorting cabbage salad:

Then comes.
The currywurst, which doesn't even deserve a picture, the echte Germanicum of the German kitchens. With a slice of bread, mustard or horseradish, any wurst or sausage with an ice-cold beer is a pleasure anytime, but the currywurst is an unfathomable eldritch abomination.

Starting with the sweetened tomato puree, which is a curse in itself, but at least the added curry still neither brings any sense or viability. Then you have the escorting french fries, which mathematically also neither adds anything into the equation, but at least has gross and net 0 amount of nutritional value; occasionally tasty tho'.

The tragedy of the German cuisine, that it has so many exceptional, heavenly meals, yet a some-thing as currywurst became its symbol.

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