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Nürnberg, 2019-06-16 23:59

I could fix the fact right at the beginning, that motorcycling and the bikes quite take my interest - yet I headed with slight skepticism toward the Museum of Industrial Culture. Not by any criticism, only I haven't had yet many occasions to inspect old and very old motorcycles, and somehow my heart rate hasn't elevated instinctively.

Although after the visit I still cannot say that old motorcycles raise my pulse extremely, but the museum and the exhibition itself - and literally being around the first steps in the history of motorcycling was definitely worth it. The size of the building may not imply its variety, yet at least one hour is recommended for the visit, if not two for a more thorough experience.

Starting with Zündapp bikes established in 1917 and in Nürnberg, along the other motorized bicycles such as the again Nürnberg-based Hercules or the original Triumph (which became later the better known English brand).

The museum offers even more besides motorcycles, as the name exhibits a smaller slice of the German industry history (more specialized in Nürnberg-relevance) and developments through the centuries.

If you too think that Fritz Lang's 1927 Metropolis is a classic, then we're talking about the same thing.


Speaking of motorcycles, today was the MotoGP.

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