04. Taking chancesGPS: 49.238,8.8972
Sinsheim, 2019-06-18 21:00

What can you do, if the weather is blazingly hot, the Sun is burning - and you wish to do a multiple hours of museum visit, which is about 5 km far, making walking not-so-likely?

Do you take the complete motorbike gear? The full boots, the long socks, the motorcycle pants, the spine protector? No.
Do you take your chances? Yes.
Taking the daily street soft sneakers, wicking thin pants, a T-shirt, the motorcycle jacket and the gloves plus the mandatory helmet?

It may sound ironic from someone who visibly nexts to safety gear.
Still, I'm not giving or insinuating anything here.
As being still on the track that a good motorcyclist is smart, and not proud that he or she might be able to embrace physical pain.


One might already visualized today's destination from yesterday's location - I have spent pleasant 4 hours in the Technik Museum Sinsheim. Probably could do more but the experience was immensive enough for the first time.

The dimensions, layout can be read on the museum's site - just to get prepared what to expect - in reality you'll spend even more time there.

The collection is definitely huge, this entry wouldn't even try to expose even the 0.1% of all the content you can see there.

Those beautiful classic cars from 1930s couldn't be even mentioned.

So just a few bits:

Those US cars with white tire walls from the fifties-sixties

Classic motorbikes in some chronological order

The aeroplanes

For any petrolhead, the museum is a must-have visit.

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