06. Technik Museum SpeyerGPS: 49.311,8.4470
Speyer, 2019-06-20 19:30

Today's day was an obvious day - one does not simply visit the museum only in Sinsheim, but must in Speyer too. There are major overlapping of course but no comparisons will be done, the Technik Museum Speyer awaits the visitors with a slightly different exhibition. The main player is the Buran, along with detailed specialization in the space-race, from the equipment throughout the astronauts up to the Moonwalker - the story is one of the most fascinating examples about huge leaps of humankind, if it wants to.

The cockpit in the Russian version of a flying brick


Too bad, Mercedes doesn't make beautiful cars like this anymore.Same here - wasn't this Cadillac the one in Back to the Future?

Now we're talking!

Kawasaki Ninja H2 R, 2015A little refresher on the basics, cut of a Kawasaki ZZR 1000 engine

Here are famous aeroplanes too

The enormous Boeing 747-230Also huge Antonov 22

For anyone who complains about nowadays' motorcycle riding comfort - here's a picture.


Since it's a technical entry
After returned to the accommodation, I moved all the photos from the phone, and the custom cooked find command (which worked perfectly on all the previous days) did this:

renamed './20190620_113633.jpg' -> 'd00'
renamed './20190620_113833.jpg' -> 'd00'
renamed './20190620_114124.jpg' -> 'd00'
renamed './20190620_114511.jpg' -> 'd00'
... and-so-on ...

For the technically less inclined:

Therefore in the end only one, the last image remained in its content.

First, I knew that the images are irreversibly gone into the devnull on the laptop - as each next file physically overwrote the previous one; the files didn't just get deleted, there's nothing to rake together from here and there on the filesystem.

Second, quickly shut down the mobile to not write anything to the SD card, and gave a long shot of using photorec, which you can use to restore deleted files. If my memory doesn't fail me, during a clean MOVE operation the file is copied and flagged as deleted, therefore recovery should work on such, moved away files too. It did, as seen above too, all survived the catastrophe.

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