07. The second Hornet tour recordGPS: 47.040,10.752
Vergötschen, 2019-06-21 21:52

Forgot to say yesterday: And this was the last day in Germany.

Completely boring and complete 516 kilometer highway hasting from Speyer to Füssen, with a light historical stop:

When I'll be a pensioner, and revisioned the too abundant 2010.07.10. CZDEATLIATDEATITCHITATHUATDECZ travel diary, it may say more.

The boring highway is of course a kind of relative thing: if it's allowed to push the machine over 130 km/h, it can get fascinating occasionally; although altogether - unless you want to burn miles - rather remain on standard roads.

In Vergötschen, I have to endure a terrible view, a flowing creek and peace. Sound of a thunderstorm is still acceptable.

No reason to be alarmed
The Nature's middle finger is the tomorrow's weather forecast. As only, and only between 8 am and 6 pm - when loathsome little mortals usually do moving around - then the bathtub water will likely hit, then and only then.

We'll see - shall we say tomorrow the waterproof gear will have a real-life test; if I have already come this far.

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