It would have been a huge mistakeGPS: 47.040,10.752
Vergötschen, 2019-06-22 17:15

If I hadn't trusted my gear, just stayed at the accommodation and didn't go to the Kaunertaler Gletscherstraße (wiki).

The yesterday forecast got its way, but with an early launch at quarter past 8 the inundation hit me only on the way back. And if I hadn't leave toward the glacier, I would be missing sights like:

Easy rolling

On the top of Karlesjochbahn (3108 mt)
Looking toward Italy and back to Austria


Typical Tyrolean pork, with excellent mushroom sauceApfelstrudli with hot vanilla sauce

On the way back did the bathtub water overspill
Truly, out of all 29 curves, I had only one botched. Would have been enough, though. :D

At least I washed down the insects and bugs of the previous days (one was so big, it would be 18+ to show), and such psalms are already obvious that one does not mess with the consumers attached to the battery in rainy weather - only if they're completely detached and dried.

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