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Vergötschen, 2019-06-23 22:13

As one might imagine on a part-historical itinerary, the daily destination of a daily itinerary was the Passo del Stelvio.

There were dark clouds, there were.
Meaning from Kaunertal you have two shortest possible routes to get there.
One is through Nauders, which is closed until the 28th of June due to road constructions.
The second through Switzerland, which according to travel planners and Google Maps requires a fee.

There and rolling to the destination immediately learned the signs ZOLL FREI - 6 km, meaning the next 6 km section is free and one doesn't have to buy a 40 CHF annual highway-vignette, just for this distance, just to get to Martina and turn back to Austria and the Stelvio.
Very respectable attitude, especially since now due to the road closure physically no other roads could offer a detour.

Again on the Stelvio

In a motorcycle-respect, I would say the Hornet doesn't struggle but Stelvio isn't its best favourite place; nonetheless, if you want to, it'll take you up.

One more

No video? No lunch? No relaxing?
The dark clouds landed. No, not at all with the bike, still conducting beautiful music. The story is about, that in the beginning of the last season, I purchased an SW-Motech Sport tank bag. The simplicity of already giving electricity was very pleasing - a cable from the battery takes the current onto the tank cap, and gets completely built up, when you attach the sensors under the tank bag.

Also, the size has been just perfect, for any daily excursions.

I'm starting where one needs to remove the bag with a pulling cord, which releases the clamps under the bag, grabbing the tank cap. I'm continuing where this didn't even work in the first season, really, on multiple occasions I had to force the clamps out with a pocket knife, as in default they tend to stuck in and don't jump back on open position to bite the tank cap holder.

Continuing with today, when had to notice the phone isn't recharging, the sport camera got discharged. Since I'm already an experienced touring motorcycle rider, I immediately knew the problem is with the electricity system. Up to now sometimes the story happened that the 12V converter from the battery to the other consumers got detached in the bag, on the move, which needed only a quick fix. Today this didn't help, how much I wrestled with it. At this time I was confident, the cigarette lighter went nuts, so as seen on the GPS picture, I tried to reach all the possible petrol stations, before I turn toward the Stelvio.

The McGyver-plan had no success, as right right to Silandro I met a gross amount of 1 petrol station, and it was even self-service without a smiling employee to help in the shop. As the last chance, I stopped and tried the Spar, but they neither had any.

Extra expense saved
Because, when I forced myself to inspect the problem better under the hot Sun, and disassembled the tank bag to its spine, then the foul revealed its true face: the spring under the positive lead between the electric tank cap and the bag gave up, there's no connection, there's no electricity. So the current flow isn't complete, doesn't forward anything, not even mana into the consumers.

Ollé. Took out the quite professional portable toolkit along with the standard one - and got nowhere: the sensors are built from such small and weak metal, there was no chance to repair them next to the road. Extra points given, the screws of the tank bag are some special 8-head Philips one, so still with a detailed toolkit you can only screw them and forge the metal.

So did I, even tried to turn around the little spike to make it longer but no avail; in the second season this also died.

The complete result, that I could shoot not a single movie for memories - even all and everything, from the sunshine through the late afternoon colours and shades up to the winding curves, everything was perfect. Everything became a rush: because if the phone's battery would have also died, I wouldn't have the complete itinerary. Anno, back in Mariazell, I don't think that I lost too much, but due to this technical error, now I indeed did so. Not forgotten to be mentioned, the bag and the electric system financially hit the upper part of the premium range.

Since right now I have quite hard feelings and hardly gentleman opinions about SW-Motech, leaving the story here.

The tomorrow
I didn't plan to reach bigger cities, but will must to. Stelvio is lost, but there are itinerary legs, so I need the energy of the motorcycle.

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