08. A bit better, but about like yesterdayGPS: 47.224,12.826
Fusch an der Großglocknerstraße, 2019-06-24 22:00

Story continues where one of the biggest Louis.at's biggest shop in Hall in Tirol just was on my route, thus I immediately bought a dual USB-supply power source. But. On the run got to learn, the gadget is too smart - it should be connected to the ignition system, ergo it forwards mana only, if the key is at least in ON position (so no consumer sucks down the energy in the shade). Yet, this requires more tools, and a bit more Honda electronic skills.

Finally I got to a motor service shop, which was too busy. On the other side of the road busy again, and a third one opens only 2 hours later.

Didn't happen so, since work was ongoing in the garage, and with an excellent customer service attitude, in about half hour the technician started it, took out the Hornet's eye and connected the cables below. After turning the key to ON, the USB-supply started to glow in green. Super.

All together happy?
Not really. While I left Hall in Tirol, in the first 30 minutes of monitoring had to notice, that the camera shows the connection, so does the mobile phone the Charging icon - yet the battery fuel just slowly got lost and lost. So the new power source didn't charge anything at all.

So far I don't know yet what did I do wrong. Either I should have known the energy requirements of all the consumers, and the USB-supply cannot support this. Or at the distance of the headlamp, there isn't enough current anymore to charge the mobile; should happen right on the battery.

The camera seemed to be okay at first glance, at least showed full charge while rode through the Gerlos Straße.

When I turned it on again on the accommodation in the evening, it showed only 1 bar - aka, it wasn't charged.

Tried to sort out the phone during the ride, one time it cried about the hot temperatures - but making it completely cool still did not activate the charging. Also, charging didn't start even if I detached the camera, and had only the phone on the supply.

All with this work I got only to the point, that after I reached Zell am See for a petrol refill, the phone showed only 2%, and turning off the engine put the phone into emergency shutdown mode.

From here I used only silent world-traveller skills - with a double-ensure, random quick info from a Hungarian biker team - got to the accommodation.

At least the surroundings of the daily destination - Fusch an der Großglocknerstraße - somehow saves.

It looks like, so far SW-Motech wins by 2:0. The extra new system so far looks like, it only slows down the discharge but charges nothing. Tomorrow I'll throw the tank bag away in the room, trusting only a 100% charged phone, and all the four completely filled batteries of the camera.

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