The GroßglocknerGPS: 47.224,12.826
Fusch an der Großglocknerstraße, 2019-06-25 17:45

The highest point of Austria, and one of the most picturesque biker road, a distinguished player on the list of Mandatory Biker Roads. The official website of the alpine strasse can be clicked here.

Down and up at the Großglockner

In motorcycle-respect
I would say the Großglockner isn't the Hornet's world - although if you want to, it'll take you up. Let's take an any average summer day (whereas above two thousands meters the Sun shines even stronger), a long slow queue basically from the entrance and let's sprinkle it with some road constructions. At one of the higher locations the coolant temperature gauge is already in red, also give 5 more minutes waiting at a red light, and the bike struggles to start. Pulled itself together on a next attempt - the other side is downhill and makes cooling down possible to medium working temperatures.

It's not Hornet's world again, because for example when you ride the curves uphill, and your brain and body prepares for a take-over, then still nothing happens for 3-4-more seconds at open throttle, the gravity still pulls you back in 2nd gear.

There are still energy problems
The camera is still a trouble, relying only on 4x batteries; I could relatively well record the most memorable parts.

Especially funny, that neither this SJCAM 5000X Elite is too smart: randomly shuts itself down even if there's still juice in the battery (standby and such are obviously off).
Since I didn't sleep last night and tapped all the possible settings related to the battery in the camera, with a Medium saving setting after about 6 hours, only 15% of the mana was eaten. Although except a few photos (with flash) and a quite incomplete GPS logging, nothing else was running; the route planner did not, as the road quite gives itself... Nonetheless the stats give some fair amount of happiness, since theoretically it would be able to survive an average longest 8 hours daily work.

I'm reasoning that everything is fine with the phone and the battery - the lagged GPS logging only happened because the satellites were looking to an another direction.

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