09. Forgot to say yesterdayGPS: 46.368,14.113
Bled, 2019-06-26 21:00

This was the last day in Austria.

Quite again full of events-day, because had the Nockalmstraße all ridden too, with complete luggage, with The Hornet.

The story is still the same, learning curve with the bike - one should have soft hands with low gears and revving the engine, as it can quite quickly go into red.

I got there quite on a funny path - when I'll put together the missing route logs, then.

You won't ever believe this
Neither 'tis day left remain without energy problems. I don't know yet how it's possible but the new USB-supply gives just enough mana to the camera to not turn off; so for example I could record quite a 4 hours ride.

The phone is a death, when I just stepped into Slovenia shut down completely. So I navigated from all memories, rolled a few extra rounds around the suburbs of Bled, but ultimately got to the accommodation.

So I decided, I won't trouble myself with energy-errors for the remaining legs of the tour. It looks like the camera is recording, which is good. And I'll complete the GPS-route by my memories, afterwards with a KMZ editor.

This is about creativity and redundant systems, and nowhere meaning to end the pause of smile with an unnamed company.

Daily stop: Bled.

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