That snow of June...GPS: 46.368,14.113
Bled, 2019-06-27 19:25

The daily roundtrip destination was Mangrt. Couldn't make it to the top, as at a lower gate the employees told me there was some snow-avalanche in recent days.

So with the 5 euro entry fee, you can get only up to the road closure, then about 15 minutes walk to the view.

I basically wouldn't have any problems with the fee, the 15 minutes walk in complete motorcycle gear including boots, above thousands of meters (already did such), but if the bike isn't on the picture, it didn't happen.

So a picture at a lower point.

The Triglav National Park is a nice visit in itself, also in motorcycle-respect: you can do quite pleasant rhythmical curve banking and leaning. Also I haven't looked the exact numbers up, but the all scorching Sun and the collateral 30 °C above temperatures is quite demanding for both the biker and the bike.

And this was the last day in Slovenia.

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