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To that person, who tried to pry open the seat from under with some screwdriver.


Was it the same person, I don't know.

And scratched into the side of the windshield.
And tried to break down the rear right turning light.

With half eyes always open, I always know where and how is the bike; should it be next to me or floors under in the garage.

During the pre-season preparation in March, the service shop fixed that turning light, later the motorcycle continuously stood in the underground garage.

It's unlikely even in percentages that a random person touched it, on the only daytrip to Börzsöny, or one night during the TatraMatraTour.

No, the bike already left to the recent Orbital Tour with this scratched windshield.

The pattern on the windshield isn't that random pebbles hit it on the road, but scribbled lines with a sharp object. Bought it newly in the middle of the last season.

You would start to think.
This isn't any mouse chewing.
And you would be completely correct.

This was the work of a rat.

The turning light was pushed downward, the direction of the fracture is horizontal; not vertical as if something had ran into it from the side.

This doesn't have a photo, since the metal part was so broken into the outer world, that I immediately fixed it.

Didn't want to get something but to destroy.

You may imagine that grown-up fathers with a family already have an honorable, adult standard - and they cannot be petty little snaky pests.

Oh, but yes.

Truth is, I don't get it.

We never exchanged a word, neither his child was ever around when I warmed up the engine for 1-2 minutes (neither any car alarm set off).

That he spectacularly was never able to return my greetings, I'm still able to sleep, but on the other hand he at least parked their car onto my spot as well.

But of course, yes:

One may expect from grown-up fathers to at least initiate a conversation and ask if he can lean over my parking spot too.

Which I likely would have approved, since there's space next to the motorcycle and I won't make a fuss of a few centimeters. I could even park with the occasional rental cars too.

Noticed it in the beginning of May, I can't pinpoint the exact day when did the damages occur. Most likely during the beginning/middle of April.

But quite strange, that the car from the last weeks of April disappeared from the spot.

Moved away? Parked otherplace? Is he afraid, revenge would hit it?

Hardly by me, I don't think that a vehicle should be punished because of its operator.

Even the applicants, who yet-to gain membership to The White Dove of Peace Society had at least some spine, not to charge on the unable to defend itself motorcycle.

Then comes an innocent and good father, the role example for his spawn, the hero of the country, the great champ of the society, the respectable head of a family.

I'm absolutely fine to check the bike again every day.


Got to the point to bit into the side fairing - luckily only under the seat.

I'm not a motorcycle thief, so I have no clue what was the goal.

There are two movable items under the seat: the battery and the toolkit. Although their price isn't nothing - approx. 150USD together - yet it's not a tragic amount.

No sane person leaves valuables even in a car, especially not in a motorcycle.


...and there are accommodations, which don't understand your grumbling.

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