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The complete distance of the Orbital Tour was 3,493 km, which beats the previous record by exact 1076 kilometer.

The complete fuel consumption was 159.747 liter, which gives 4.57 liter for each 100th km.

It was a good tour, Hornet is a great machinery, never had any problems with the oil, cleaned and lubed the chain especially after the watery Kaunertaler, had to inflate the tires a bit only once. I could say the gear which I and the bike needs grew together well; except an electric tank bag.

I feel the Medium Tour was an extraorbital hyperbole, because four days here or there, it didn't feel more than a light weekend stroll. This tour was a bit more demanding, but myself also the motorcycle still could ride forward; except an electric tank bag.

From Bled to Keszthely, it was a massacre.

In the cities the speedometer was spiked to 50, out of inhabited areas to 100.

Those who on 90 roads with brand new cars for no apparent or acceptable (phone use) reasons moved by 40 - which attitude sets the standards nowadays, and definitely makes vehicular moving around safer - then with a roaring engine after a rev-back, I took them over in the blink of an eye.

In cities at red lights, at miles long traffic jams, at road constructions I pushed forward blatantly and no remorse.

Stopped one time in Ptuj for a refill, the rest was hasting.

Thus by the time the mobile phone got to its last drops of 4%, I could get to the Hungarian border, and the Road 75 from there straight took me to Keszthely with closed eyes.

The remaining Gigantic Tour has gotten a question mark, but theoretically this'll be the next item.

The unmissable Rorschach and pareidolia picture:

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