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I'm owing a correction to Marushin.

I wrote such things in this entry, that the 999 RS is a difficult to clean and wash helmet.

Which isn't completely true - I just didn't take the rein in my hands and looked into it by myself. After got back from the 18-days tour, forced myself onto the task and as helmet explorer figured out that the face pillows and the complete inner part of the helmet can be removed - all can be nicely washed.

Murmuring a silent note, in the case of HJC one doesn't have to remove the textile from the foams and back - those parts can be washed together.

Including the jaw vents, which can be unscrewed and cleaned (though, anything remains as an unrecognizable bloody pulp between the thin metal filter glued onto the plastic parts, those hardly)

The top vents on the helmet are still completely stuck, although they also can be removed; not bothered, the lowest-1 setting of the visor still gives enough air easily.

Needed to say, with active use the fabrics and the materials have already started to dissolve; I would say the recommended 5 years change limit by manufacturers can be achieved only, if you just leave the helmet on the shelf in its boxing and protected from everything.

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