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Buenos Aires: 2017-11-04 09:27
Praha: 2017-11-04 13:27

But with clean heart I admit, the so far evermost unreliable computer of mine showed additional symptoms.

You still have that in the first year only the motherboard, the USB connectors, the DVD-writer and...and the keyboard had to be replaced.

Nonetheless the symptom isn't that anew, but has been entertaining me for two months. I had enough only now, that at the perfect 50-50% location of the screen, a vertical strip of pixels appeared.

In one of my creative moments along with reordering and resizing the windows, I baptized the feature as Poor Man's Multiple Monitor.

Financial meanderings
This computer with an OEM OS cost 250,000HUF/936.12USD. This was topped with a paid from own pocket the data is the most important HDD-replacement for 25,000HUF/93.61USD.

The official repair cost ~45,000HUF/168.50USD didn't happen, since I'm still able to loosen and tighten a few screws - thus I was curious about the price of the LCD screen itself. The results of Amazon for ~15,000HUF/56.17USD (plus shipping) seemed promising, but I myself am too retro to order whatever electronic stuff from overseas. Thus I accepted the about 5,000HUF extra expense and in a local shop for 24 000HUF/89.87USD I immediately picked up the new screen with 12 months of warranty. Got back to the laptop itself, and in a gross amount of 1.5 minutes the new LCD was already shining.

Therefore my initially reasonably priced calculator so far cost me 250,000+25,000+24,000=300,000HUF/1,123.34USD expense. For this amount of money I could have bought a real computer.

I'll probably watch the recently seen movies again. Gonna be a total different experience.

In a philosophical mood
I was daydreaming about the paradox of Ship of Theseus: if you replace all the parts of a ship to new ones by time - does it remain the same ship?

There's a punchline, there it is
One or two disc burning dies with the (new) DVD-writer, which error according to the logs can be traced back to bus error of the (new) motherboard. The (new) keyboard once in a while again doesn't wnt to ogniz th k on th lt.

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