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Speyer, 2019-06-19 19:00

Arrival to Speyer
Before, a Hockenheim-round:

This must be some Germanic thing
No misunderstanding, I do support the green Earth as much as possible, and the German approach has many good initiative. Then there's the other side.

I wanted to park down the bike after arrival behind the accommodation's building on a grassy area (was not classy, at all) - the motorcycle still does not drip any fluid or emit any smoke and neither is ready to explode in any second.

Right came an employee lady, telling me not to leave there because the Lady Bürgermeister will come, and she will be angry. Alright, a Bürgermeister must be an important person, the Bürgermeister is always right. I pushed the bike to the other huge parking place for at least 100 cars, obviously there's no shade so the Sun burns everything into the bike, obviously there's space only at the farthest places, the whole scene is a complete walk-through area - without the slightest chance to lock the bike to something.

I do believe that I approach the question with common sense.
I don't expect armored soldiers to protect it, in nuclear-proof underground bunkers, while I just turn away from it for a moment.
I'm not even bothered if it gets wet (I'm carrying the cover), but I do wish some place which isn't in front of the public eyes.

I strolled to the reception on the other side, checking-in. On the way I spot some place next to the building, where with troubling nobody - still not dripping, smoking or ready for an explosion - could the bike park. An another receptionist agreed so, so I pushed the bike there.

After the second landing got the info, the Bürgermeister does neither like to see motorcycles next to buildings. We aren't talking about things like there were already 10 bikes and mine would be a trubble anymore - a rule is a rule.

Pushed back the bike to the other side of the road, into the middle of nothing parking lot.

This is just like Vienna
The fucking chain-smoking bothers nobody at all, as of course there are more smoking voters, than motorcyclists. Also knowing the inferiority complex of the common people against the bikers - this in fact luftballoon rule and laws indeed gets the way to the tiny little hearts. Especially into tiny greeny little hearts.

Hopefully this Speyer is indeed a city as safe as the Bürgermeister introduces.

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