Let's do this properly. GPS: 54.315,10.134
Kiel, 2019-08-20 19:22

So, this still is not the Gigantic Tour. That's still on the table, just in an another direction.

There are chances, this may break even the Orbital Tour, but let's not jump that far yet.

This alle zusammen concluded is a focused and improvised tour, including such elements like the getting-into-boredom daily distance record has been broken repeat: the Kraftshof - Bremen 611 kilometer distance has newly broken the so far daily record; though, this was laidback, only Autobahn.

Except those one-one rainstorm after Fulda and Hannover, while standing in a road construction traffic jam.

The rain gear was great, not complaining.

Also it's possible to surf with a motorcycle.

That 25/25km has long time gone.

Although there are certain stops and limits - but all improvized tour. Bremen is already familiar, then an Elbe-ferry and today nice walk in Kiel.

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