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Børkop, 2019-08-22 21:10

Departure from Kiel, then to Denmark with the Puttgarden - Rødby ferry.

From there intentionally sought and found, a very good motorcycle museum in Stubbekøbing; limited pictures, also one can find a Danish radio and television history here as well.

Nimbus, the Danish motorcycle historyHarley-Davidson
Wanderer, the contemporary touring biker comfortWithout any motorcycle knowledge, one can still easily pinpoint this Goldwing came from the '80s
Gratis: Elvis sat on this bike in his 1964 movie RoustaboutAnd a row of Honda, with the classic CB 750

Petrol refill in Vordingborg, riding through the fields, which could have a quick end by the sudden car in the last moment joining the road from the left (eye focus to the roadside and muscle breaking), then turning back on the brutally windy Storebælt bridge.

Good question.
When it's so close, why was Copenhagen left out? There were good accommodation players, yet: I reserve the right to be wrong, but as of writing these lines, the Danish public transport decisionmakers and the politics put the one-track vehicles onto the same card as the two-track vehicles. During which:

Thus and so along with the accommodations not offering a private/closed parking spot, I left the idea behind. Tho', no reason to be alarmed: Copenhagen can be reached pretty much from any part of the world on an aeroplane - then here and there will be easier.

Closing the day, with pleasant Danish rural atmosphere:

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