The northernmost point GPS: 57.544,10.438
Jerup, 2019-08-23 20:11

Of Denmark, this day, the tour and likely for The Hornet: Højen.

For my tallness with the average seaside and northern weather is acceptable but uncomfortable on the Hornet.

Imagine as someone for 7 hours continously shakes your head, then sometimes let the bathtub water on you.

Nonetheless a repeated story: if you want to, Hornet will take you up and there.

Alas, this point isn't the northernmost, as at the exact point one must leave the vehicle in the parking yard. But technically yes: Grenen is indeed Denmark's northernmost point:

Greetings to those visitors who parked their bicycle signed for MOTORCYKEL, in the little green basket leaving two cans of beer - huge winds, the bicycle toppled over and the beer exploded everything onto the Hornet. Hygge.

Back to the accommodation, Jerup and one-way 1.6 km distance beach and return.

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