Oh, my mistake GPS: 51.780,10.522
Harz, 2019-09-02 19:12

I said here, that 611 km is the current record.

It's not so. The current record still goes to a great BMW F800R at 620 km.

Though, great Hornet pushes limits greatly well.


Not into the infinity yet I'll stay for some time here, so the headquarter of the roundtrips is set to Lower Saxony, pointing to the Harz mountains.

I'd say, it's a kind of Mátra - forests, hilly-hills, mountains, winding roads and mountain lakes.

For those who have only two wheels - keep the spirits at bay. Right while I was just getting to the accommodation I ran into a motorcycle accident, and when by the evening I rode to the next bigger city to gather some grocery stuff, I met with a tow truck carrying a smashed car at front.

That obviously there are respected exceptions, that neither Germans know to stay in their lane curve, that one hand wouldn't be sufficient to count how many of them don't turn on the daily lights (including trucks! and buses!), that 15+ cars just do training queue with 50 on 100 allowed roads - that's a huge disappointment for me in a country with more than 100 years of motorized vehicle history.

Compared to the Saturday-Sunday 30 plus, today the temperatures sank around 18 °C + along with cold winds, but there shall be time and space for photos. The location and environment without any question is wonderful.

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