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Harz, 2019-09-05 21:05

The parcel shipping company didn't reach me at given timeframe, so I rode toward the next bigger city, Goslar.

I well understand, it would require a huge logistic burden, if all the international deliverers would have a mobile phone and would give a call || send a message to the recipient when they're about 0.5 - 1 hour away.

No criticism, even if the deliverer arrived 30 hour later than the last time of the frame.

Only a thought: while the truck is standing, if the deliverer looks upon the next recipient's address, could he or she send a text message?

Whereas the post office of Goslar was completamente empty, and a helpful lady after the strolling around gave me the info that all the post office has a meeting today.

No reason to be alarmed, light ride toward the Harz, if weather permits, shall be the weekend destination.

Later, even in rain and storm, pleasant ride through the fields:

Again, became obvious that Hornet is a great machinery: the closest smaller city has about 4.2 km distance, yet it can be packed with a sixpacker water + food for a few days (there's a good local bakery, so that's given):

Looks like, autumn has arrived herearound.

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