I would say GPS: 51.780,10.522
Harz, 2019-09-09 19:09

This was an acceptably successful chain-cleaning and lubing, with the below already glorified Motul C4 and C2, and the help of Snapjack too. From there I improvised with the cardboard paper of the package from Goslar, a good floor-cleaning cloth (using the C1, still cleaned and dried everything well), and oh yes the toothbrush.

Even if it had bitten flesh from my hand, I'm completely satisfied with Snapjack.
Also have the rival product (works great too) but this one takes less space and weighs less in my all 59 liter trunk.

With a street, naked bike and along continuous paying attention to maintenance, if you need more scrubbing power than medium or hard brushes of a toothbrush - then do immediately read through the manual of your motorcycle.

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