A special day GPS: 51.780,10.522
Harz, 2019-09-12 19:12

Sitting on a bicycle!

The fine print
Launched quite hastily into the ride, saying according to the itinerary planner it's just 8 km one-way. Well, it wasn't so since I took detours too, the total roundtrip distance cost 29 km.

Which theoretically isn't too much.
By trekking, walking probably, motorcycle riding, not so.
With relative more preparations not really on a bicycle either.

Relatively. When was the last time you saw a gym-related entry?

Practically of course it's about 150-200 meter up-and-down elevation changes which sometimes rather turned into pushing the bike....leisure whistling while walking and admiring.

The forest ride, the scenery obviously soothed the sore quadriceps muscles too.

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