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Harz, 2019-09-22 20:48

Since the weather pushed the mercury above 20 °C - it was an absolute must to have a roundtrip.

The bike can take it and anyways, I took it to a mid-week full grocery shopping.

A light round, though my creativity didn't shine too much: just did the same round backwards I did last Sunday.

Sundays aren't the best days, except if you want to watch the usual rear ends of the limitless wagons, trucks, camper vans.

Nonetheless the ride still was worth it. According to my personal opinion, and if there's a possibility I'd be back, Wernigerode is a very cute, kept its medieval tone smaller city:

Took videos too.
Alas, right before the last Sunday's ride, without any gym confidence, only didn't pay thorough attention while taking down the tank bag - and a loud sound of crack.

The sport camera feels well, so its connector and the cable - but the holder on the handlebar broke out.

I already hacked it with immovability, but even recent brutalstrong glueing it still just wobbles around.

Ones with creativity still see it's a lifetime experience to ride through the forests in the afternoon rays of the sun.

If I'll have the time, I'll do an elegant cut of today's videos.

One of the great light ride itinerary.


And today was the MotoGP.

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