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Dresden, 2019-10-09 22:19

Long pause, long entry.

Got back from Ireland on the 6th, by plane, train and bus to Hahnenklee.

The surroundings were amazingly beautiful, the accommodation nowhere to a rose - complete slope.

The original 6th was 8th. :)

1. after 15 hours of travelling between Dublin and Hahnenklee, the last thing you want that after 10pm the employees of the '80 state hotel knock on your door. They say, the room below has a wet ceiling - and your evening bath is responsible for that.

2. next day was the last day at the place, so looking for a new accommodation. For which not even try to think into it, I paid an extraorbital amount of money.

How could that happen?, along with the other messaging that's one thing that you aren't responsive to any 21st century, state-of-art technology (such as email), but do decide if you too and how sink into data hoarding.

Happened as, with the above prequels - I understand, my mislook has part in it, yet. When the user has set his or her preferred currency in the Settings - then do not hoard his or her data based on the IP-address or the country of the internet provider.

But use the currency as in Settings has been set. Now I have Euro as the used currency, but since I was right used the Hungarian Telekom mobile internet to load the page, then as in the shade the prices were shown in Hungarian forint.

The humorous resultate of the story, I paid an extraorbital amount for the now 2-weeks stay in Dresden.

There's even more, shall I continue?
The 7th of October, one day before of arrival called the venue, as it's known, I do wish to have a relatively safe parking ground for the motorcycle. During the call I got the promise The underground garage costs 22 EUR per day ... but we possibly can solve the parking of the motorcycle.

On the 8th of October, from the obscure Hahnenklee through from the rainy, cloudy, misty forests to Dresden. Check-in, so what's up with the motorcycle?

22 EUR per night.
But according to our phone conversation, I got the information that we can make the parking work for a motorcycle?
I did the booking and payment for two weeks based on the promise you did about the parking.
Sorry, I will talk with the Lady Supervisor.
... she left behind the corner, questions and replies ...
Sorry, the parking will cost 22 euro per day.
But the motorcycle will take only a half space, couldn't we find only some corner?
Sorry, the parking will cost 22 euro per day.
Isn't there space even in the yard to park a smaller-middle sized motorcycle?
Sorry, the parking will cost 22 euro per day.
... Lady Supervisor overhears all of this, but never step forward to take responsibility ...
As far as I know, there's a bicycle storage here, the motorcycle doesn't take any more space than two bicycles.
Sorry, the parking will cost 22 euro per day.

This was the moment when I gave it up. I paid quite a pay for the accommodation, and I was supposed to pay more than 300 EUR more for 14 days, to have the motorcycle stand in the underground garage. Or anywhere at the venue.

So, the motorcycle stands in the half kilometer away public parking spot (all pure fun to walk around with the motorcycle boots and equipment), according to one of the receptionists That's totally safe.

Quite sure she hasn't heard about motorcycle thefts yet.
Or the Daddy fighting with menstrual problems, as PMS-446, who their wasted life's frustration as petty little rats make it go on unable to defend themselves motorcycles.
Because I still haven't found any answer or reason I was looking for.

There's even more, shall I continue?
As a single booker, just lie as two. Hahnenklee also played it, Dresden here did too. I booked and paid a double room - while I got there I was given only a single room as:

That's not how this works. As back in Edelweisspitze biker Alps stop, I wanted to have one-two days stop, they believe it's moral to have single guests pay 4% more overcharge.

One can twist and turn the words into eternity, all are bullshit.
Two average guests are always going to leave double portion of thrash, pain and to be washed, as one.
The chances are completely the same that two guests won't show up and pay, as one.
That's all, no reason to try to explain yourselves, to justify mango milking.

For my based on what? question the Edelweisspitze just replied a one sentence incomprehensible reply.

Oh yes, this place too played the game, that this is a double room for them:

In the dark parts of the attic, you are right: it's not a double bed.

Again at the reception
Accepted this room is not that room, I can move to a correct one tomorrow.

The two receptionists are more self-confident, who they might overheard the discussion yesterday; yet none introduces herself. Move one floor down, on the hallway right the smell of boiled rotten flesh hits my nose, the situation isn't much better in the room. The washing machine enjoy some hopefully human-nature hairs, inside there's a used sock. The table and other room equipment are old and overused. The next or above room an nth idiot who cannot step lightly, so the walls are shaking. The closet has an old an musty smell - absolutely sure no clothes will be stored there in the next 2 weeks.

The funniest part of the story?
Except a receptionist trainee, all the other employees found the situation funny. If 14*22 euro is too expensive for You, then there's an another underground garage, it costs 25 EUR per day. Girl, forgotten the fact, we're talking about a half parking space. After I moved to the new room, a Now then everything is right? question was given.

No, nothing is all right.

I didn't plan Dresden this way.
It's a historically and culturally many and much city. Not the receptionist is responsible who on the phone in good-will promised the parking space. But the responsible company leaders who gave the orders, who neither and not even at personal presence showed any kind of working together. The resultate, this place intentionally scams and deceives the guests, give false promises to get bookings and money.

The interesting part, the place is so frequent located, that hard to imagine they need this kind of attitude and behaviour.

The magic word, flexibility could have been. As in Hahnenklee the underground garage stood completely empty (during the one month, maybe 8 cars showed up) but to ease their scam, they let the motorcycle park down, as while I was in Ireland. Therefore it's completely sure, this place also could have sorted out reasonably the parking of a motorcycle.

In the case from Dresden I may not leave with the same motorcycle and/or in the same condition - then as I passed to them it will have more future consequences for the Drescher Incoming & Tourismus GbmH under Münzgasse 10, just an entry breaking the law of the Holy Trinity.


And yesterday was the 50. day of the tour.

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