Day...afternoon daytrip GPS: 50.088,14.413
Praha, 2019-10-17 22:22


No reason to be alarmed, only jumped over - could hardly had more well than the highway and the Prague traffic jams just to stop and shoot a decent photo; last moments of the sunset.

What remained the autumn southern Saxon landscapes. And the thousands years old story outbound from Prague: people in the fast lane as fast as 190+ km/h obviously beat their breasts knowing their rights perfectly. Yet how much they put others in danger meanwhile, for example vehicles only in theory doing 140 km/h while taking a slower one over, or how much they care about the critical above the speed limit - that's a classic.

Otherwise I went on a dayride after a week stop and buy Motul M2, also to replace the broken sport camera holder: checked the Gopro offers, but they have nothing like the GP-73 (which broke). The replacement wasn't either that much successful, as the shop had only the not necessarily pathetic GP-73a, but definitely not as robust as the GP-73 is. Works as an emergency saviour, I'll figure out something witty.

I didn't even stop for a knedlíky, with 0% personal tolerance a Pilsner was out of any question.

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