Weekend ride GPS: 50.894,14.672
Großschönau, 2019-10-27 19:10

Hopefully not
Has the season ended yet, yesterday was perfect with the temperatures around 20 °C, with sunny shining while rolling through the colourful autumnal forests and fields.

Since it's just a 2 hours distance, I visited the motorcycle museum in Großschönau. You need to organize the visit as they're open only on Saturday-Sundays and for a few hours, but the exhibition won't cause any disappointment: endless rows of veteran motorcycles visibly gotten thorough renovation, steam machines, diesel engines and other technologies await the visitors; primarily focusing on the late Eastern German landscape.


The local Phänomen, from bicycles to motorcycles.Jawa
Simson AWO 425 TourenWanderer Chemnitz
BMW R2Opel Motoclub, when Opel put rad into Motorrad.



Have never been able to understand how this other side clutch and brake lever could work ergonomically.I had this lamp, only in green.

The chocolate is not
When the front wheel launches into the air. But when a road allowing 100 km/h suddenly decelerates to 60 - and the surface in the corner changes into cobblestone.

For the less experienced: even if the mercury shows minuses outside, still just hop on the bike.

Even the ice provides more grip for the tires, than cobblestone; except the death metal noises and the takatakatakataka feeling.



And today was the MotoGP.


And the winter is coming.

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