End of season: the gear GPS: 49.457,11.077
Nürnberg, 2019-11-29 19:11

Gear has been completely all outside/inside/top/bottom/up/down washed, refreshed and impregnated - put away for the winter.

As one of the resultate, I already see which two won't get into the third season anymore as the touring gear.

Of course no reason to be ashamed, although I don't have accurate numbers with me, but in the two seasons while touring they endured more than 20 000 kilometer bright sunshine, scorching hot weather, ice-cold forests, rain, dust, bugs and the inherencies of the road.

I haven't gotten yet to calculate the statistics of the second season.

I'm still thinking how to do with the motorcycle. Alas, the last rides happened in rainy-muddy weather, and so far I haven't found the optimal solution: I prefer to wash with a garden hose, after 2-3 hours the engine cooled down completely.

I don't trust to spray the hot engine with cold water - that's what causes fractures in the metal.
Furthermore neither believe in the high-pressure car wash hoses - neither because I would need to sit next to them for at least 2 hours until the bike is lukewarm only.

Cleaning and lubing the chains will be obvious.

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