You. Won't. Ever. Believe. This. Budapest: 2017-12-16 13:45
Buenos Aires: 2017-12-16 09:45
Praha: 2017-12-16 13:45

But a tiny noise, my new LCD screen bought on 3rd of November produced anew symptoms; pretty much on the first week.

I know.
Funny, I know.

Namely a screaming big red stuck pixel entertains in the majority middle of the screen:

The question won't be left untouched - I don't believe that, according to the local dealer under x amount of pixel errors they can just brush the responsibility to the remote manufacturer (whatevery QA Department they might have); and not just blaming the other. The consumer just threw out the money, but at least his eyes play continuous yo-yo because of the permanent refocusing here and there.

I'm curious if any of them ever realizes that the screenshot was taken during the movie Greed; and the multiverse depths of background humour. The movie which in me had only a lip-down approach for years - but after watching, the ultimate sum is way more better. Without irony I hope the original, uncut 9-hours length reels will be found during my lifespan.

Ommm. Ommm. Ommm.
God spoke to me. Buddha stepped up to me. Allah gave me a sign.
Szilárd. Maybe it's time that you leave computers.

Maybe I should try myself as a cage fighter or

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