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Which are just chatty and sparkling and flowing and easygoing ... and so on and on.

Movies like It Happened One Night, but from a few years later.

At first I thought no movie can be more boring than the pseudo-romantic battles of the 1960s British elite class. But of course dahrling, I was wrong. Seeing The Grass Is Greener is more than delightful and the performance of Deborah Kerr, Jean Simmons, Cary Grant and Robert Mitchum is worth every minute.

On most occasions it's a quick decision to mark something at|close|around superlatives - it's usually hasty - but I find this movie third best in the comedy category after the Some Like it Hot and It Happened One Night. Wouldn't be an overstatement to pull it to Some Like It Hot - this has the same amount of humour but on a completely different stage.

On the other hand
There's the scene, the last evening when all the four parties join together for a final confrontation. What I don't understand that they drink coffee and brandy.

What's the point? To my mundane understanding or experiences, coffee makes you more active, alcohol relaxes you.

So why to drink the both together?

Nonetheless, still less damaging and classier than redbullvodka.

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