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Treading the same beginner path of the gear comes the helmet. Some of the most common possible types already have had a few words; saying currently no more I'm still remaining with the full face or modular|flip-up helmets.

The beginner equipment also voted for this type - honestly not even a farthest thought arose whether I wanted to have any of the other types.

They are not motorbiker helmets.

Thus I started the A1/B125 in such, namely in a HJC TR-1 (2017) helmet. Guess, what's the colour code? METAL!!! \m/

Alas, this helmet completely disappeared from the HJC website, so I cannot put any link here. I favour companies by name only in specific cases, and basically not at all the used market: personally I would never buy a used helmet. One: a little waxing here and there - and you could figure out only in a laboratory whether it already had an impact - even if only a drop. Two: regardless to how much you clean it, after any longer use it picks up the owner's characteristics indelibly. Mainly the sweat and its inherencies ... but let's just stay with the shape of the head. Three: those padding foams already picked up the shape of the previous owner's head - so it's hardly possible that they'll protect you at the right places, as much as they should.

Topical correction to the Likewise entry: the helmet really should be thrown out after one impact.
I don't want to use misunderstandable grammar, when safety is at stake. The correct sentence is A helmet _must be_ thrown out after one impact.
All the rest and the technical explanation is in your helmet's manual.

Back to the helmet.



Marushin 999RS II (2017)

Alas, I again don't have a link anymore to the product's page. One may ask, why would someone need two helmets? Marushin's weight was appealing, has a D-lock mechanism, also not to be forgotten, the original 100 000HUF had a 50% discount. The result is indeed worthy.



Final verdict
50-50%: I wouldn't recommend any of them specifically, but indeed any of them anytime. HJC wins with the pinlock, furthermore its good price/performance ratio made it a decent helmet. Marushin won with the design and the weight, on the other hand the maintenance and cleaning on the long run won't get any plus points.

Ultimately, the weight difference is quite relative and subjective. So far I've always wore the hi-viz Marushin on all my longer touring rides to enhance my survival chances, so I honestly cannot tell whether my neck would get tired because of that 500 gram.

Likely it's better to get used to it, since most of the modular|flip-up helmets weigh around 1.5 kg anyway.

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