Service announcement GPS: 49.457,11.077
Nürnberg, 2020-01-25 10:55

The below mentioned panorama error is solved now, they should appear again in Chrome too.

Let's leave it as no loosely-linked code should have access to document.write(), especially in 2020.

The resolution popped up a sudden todo, which has hovered above my head for some time. Namely the first panorama put to public 10 years ago created by the Panorama Viewer I believe version 1, then the rest until ViedmaTandil by version 2.

Now the story is that current version is v3, which is not compatible backwards at all. You have three options:

The possibility that I could assign time to do this from the distance of 10 years and 399 panoramas, will exactly going to happen along when I revise the Big European Tour in 2010. As a pensioner.

But now it was unavoidable to figure out something, so I created a conversion tool of the web panoramas from v2 to v3. Not only because the manual update of all the 399 panoramas wouldn't only take days or weeks but even likelier be error-prone.

One of my eyes cries, the other is spherical.
The result looks to be 99% success, although it seems the panoramas lost the third dimension: they move only planar and not spherical (left-right-up-down) or cylindrical (full 360° round). The migration transferred all valuable data, so I'd rather imagine this is the new webviewer's different mysterious ways.

At least now the projection is correctly calculated and there's no black stripe at the bottom.

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