Starting the season in Frankonia GPS: 49.479,10.983
Fürth, 2020-03-07 20:07

Since motorcycling and motorbikes quite take my interest, I visited this weekend's Franken-Bike motorcycle fair in the Stadthalle of Fürth.

Everyone who counts were there in the Nürnberg and close Bavarian motorcycle landscape interest - most importantly me.

In alphabetical order: Aprilia, Beta, BMW, Ducati, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Husqvarna, Indian, Kawasaki, KTM, Royal Enfield, Triumph, Yamaha and historically the Simson.

Although I well know and respect the Indian: but the notice on all the five bikes For exhibition only, personal ownership: don't sit on it gave an immediate answer under the 28,000 - 30,000 euro price tag.

When chopper riders around 18-20k murmur under their biker mustaches, That's too much even for me. :)
Wasn't extremely crowded, but visibly many people with active interest toward bikes could see a pleasant fair today and could see tomorrow. Anyone with the interest should visit the venue to get a quick glance of the offer in the 2020 season along with preparing the seasonal gear.

Quick picture report, without any attempt of completeness:

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