We can say, yes GPS: 48.191,15.459
Groß Sierning, 2020-03-14 20:03

The season has started with a little cruising to the Northern-Middle Austrian Groß Sierning:

Was it cold. Sure, in 6-8 °C without any movement air temperature.

Colder than November ride between Lommatzsch - Nürnberg? Yes but less.

One needs first a headcap under the balaclava (the fore and top of the head notice the cold air first) then comes the Forcefield balaclava too.

Model career aiming people probably should not start such travel in cold weather.

The now already grown hair and with the above composition plus the still four cowlicks, after the 5. hour you'll get funny looks on the petrol stations and in the shops.

The gloves need some adjustments because along with the SP Air I have only a maximum late-autumn second gloves - even the under Forcefield thin gloves + the rubber gloves above produced only a so-so protection against the cold for the fingers.

The pants with the thermo, plus rain and windproof plastic layer is also alright, the boots and the feet get enough heat from the engine.

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