One year ago Europe: 2020-12-13 18:00 (UTC)

This day's early morning, the DHL's delivery person open for theft and crimes tolerated by mother company rang the bell: with a huge smile and even more haste handled over the EMS envelope.

For a few days around 12th of September this year, I watched TV.

One may ask For what?, but the snooker world championship on Eurosport offered a worthy background noise; also the light distorted guitar of the Superbike cut still caught the attention, even if it's been the same for the last two years.

Until the moment when advertisements started to roll: a female voice in an utterly protracted, fatally wounded and crawling manner started to slobber. In such tone as if she carried The Fate of The Whole World on her weary shoulders, the Atlas of WMN PWR, the unluckiest being ever existed, for whom everyone must feel sorry and eternal sadness, for whom dropping tears is a must.

It seems, nowadays this is the mainstream.
Another company also has such with a female tennis player.
It makes one wonder how they put together the deepy wisdoms while calling their audience simultaneously with a sneer two-bit chirping music.

Makes one to wonder, but it's purely logical: DHL rather paid tens, if not hundred thousands of euros for self-shining (competes in stomach-inducing for the first place with the FIFA movie), instead of spending that sum on uncountable hours of English lessons for their employees.

The end of the story follows as. Although it can't be proven that the envelope was not ripped up on Hungarian grounds, I still tend to believe this.

Yet ultimately the sender Hungarian Post undertook the responsibility for DHL's dirt and refunded the delivery fee. While the story of the envelope won't ever be learned but I appreciate and thank them that they speak with the customers, they have intentions to solve problems and even if only an indirect but provided a resolution.

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