...and then, my whole life rolled in front of my eyes Europe: 2021-01-11 18:00 (UTC)

It didn't happen, actually. It will have the chance to roll only under special circumstances, otherwise survival instincts seek the escape until the last moment.

This entry had a motorcycle event, more fascinating compared to the Garbolc bike putdown.

Educative story, may worth to reiterate.

Thousandth time of rolling down on slopes, downshifting by muscle memory.

Human instincts are one of the most refined instruments in the world, only whispered: not enough.

What did they actually mean? Detailing the summarized two words of the split second: Wonderful location, the reservoir was very nice too, the lunch terrific with the apfelstrudli — but in this rainy weather, on wet road, with this speed you won't be able to take that tight corner. The speed is too much for that, the momentum of the bike is too much, the tires will only slide, making any braking ineffective.

The levels of the Maslow Pyramid work a bit differently: survival instincts always overrule anything else, therefore you apply the breaks without too much thinking.

Braking is happening, which under the current circumstances tries to find efficiency, yet even the lightest fingers and foot muscle contractions cause only a heavy slide.

Alright, brakes are working ... how nice is the weather ... *whistling* ... *the bike slides forward* ... oh, hello, well, this is a cliff, not only a slope.

Consider two options. First, lay down the bike immediately. Looking at the distance, the bike will fly out. Or, probably that grassy curb will stop it, so it'll plummet after a salto mortale.

After envisioning the health of the motorcycle, the other train of thought going through one's mind in such moments is that the jacket and the pants will be ripped apart, so will the boots be scratched.

Still won't put it down.

It would agreeable to stop very soon. The soles of the biker boots? Not really. The *brakes* knew this much — a kiss for the dead.

Engine break. May or not help, but surely will stop the momentum.

Hasty downshifting to the first gear, the most powerful engine brake. The whole machinery jars and shakes for a second, but Newton's Laws indeed work and I feel the deceleration.

00:00:30 -
The rein is in my hands again, turning back to the road.

The moral of the story
Engine brake use isn't only recommended to still have brake pads by the time you reach the end of the slope — but it also helps to hold back the momentum of the vehicle provided by its weight; which also adds to the equation of the speed.

It just well may be the nothing and everything.

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