...and then, I didn't understand it Europe: 2021-01-25 18:00 (UTC)

That two-track gentlemen and gentlewomen vehicle drivers suhrely focusing on the road why fail to notice an another car VISIBLY waiting to join the road? Which simply could be resolved by:

requiring absolutely no efforts or causing any time loss, could let it join? Especially on a road decelerated to 40 km/h?

Again and again and again and again

The slightly erring handlebar tells a story about the already too slow bike, I'm sure the other driver couldn't believe his or her eyes, that someone will actually let the car in.

The moral of the story
No words in disguise, myself also would enjoy quality cars, yet, I still wouldn't want to spend my life in them.

Those either 14 or 70 persons, for those long minutes probably could have done better things for the society.

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