...and then, realizing again Europe: 2021-02-08 18:00 (UTC)

Returning memories, while I ride on long rural roads convivially, incoming two track vehicles often wildly flash their high-beam lights for, me.

Such times, I only reply with a satisfied smirking under the helmet: Thank you, but unnecessary. and with friendly hand waving welcome back the gentleman or the gentlewoman.

Such times, I just roll forward with an immeasurably proud humbleness, enjoying the Sun, swimming away in the golden champagne pool of happiness.

But happiness, like everything is mere mortal, thus when I open my eyes again a few miles later — I notice the police car and the speed camera.

The moral of the story
There are nights when the silvery moon is full and gleams over the dark landscape, wolves are running through the shady forests with mad howling, only a shimmering ray of light can be seen on the top of the remote mountain below the raging clouds of a thunderstorm, there lives an old wizard who tells fables around the campfire about strange bikers who obey speed limits.

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