This month, finally Europe: 2021-06-01 18:00 (UTC)

Everything is still uncertain.

The crystal ball is mostly empty. It has some chips and bits, but currently none are considered minimally good enough to shape them into something better.

There are creative ideas, but the website in its current shape without touring motorcycling has no future.

Uncertainty remains.

Since its outbreak, I deliberately touched this coronavirus situation with only one sentence, repeated two times. There have been reasons for this, and it's my intention to keep it this way. There are various reasons, primarily looking around it seems that strangely unbalanced and overt fire shoots back from multiple angles — even if you only ask questions. Which you may find strange, as if there was anything to be explained, defended or least to retort about a random and unexpected natural event, an act of your God, a nasty big bad bat bit a 55-years old the man on the fish market.

Nonetheless, you can't hold your breath for more than a year. It's physically impossible. Therefore I'm actively looking around to see if any decent motorcycle touring can start to happen.

I've been sitting in Hungary and as of today it belongs to Europe, hence the topright Location has been accurate since Nürnberg.

In practice this may be impossible. Most of the countries require a PCR test not older than 72-hours to be surely allowed to stay, in some cases this shortens to only 48-hours. If you're a travelling rider on a one-track vehicle, then this outlines basically undoable itineraries; at least if you plan to follow a sane way.

Departing from Hungary, let's assume an upmost 500 km distance per day.

Which sounds a wise idea to not overdo, since the last time you rode something similar, a longest ride in a day was last July from Nürnberg to Budapest.

And a decent ride also means full luggage and gear.
As an example, let's say, you want to get to Spain from Hungary; the list isn't dead accurate but at least idealistic:

As said, this is a highly idealistic, sketchy route.

Not to mention the extra hundreds of euros expense just for the tests (plus calculate at least one night stay to wait for the results), to spend time on looking up minimally trustable test centers, along with repeatedly forced to be among potentially infected people.

Not to mention this haste-more-than-two-thousand-kilometers would be totally insane. If I went to Spain on a bike, I would like to take some time to get to know the intermediate cities, regions and places. Just to rush down in neutral gear would absolutely not make any sense.

Also such circumstances are wholly excluded and denying to think into whether a country imposes quarantine or not. Imagine that you are put into a state institute, with broken English (I don't speak Slovenian, Italian or French currently) and forced to leave your bike in some public parking lot for two weeks, out of your sight, likely in a questionable neighbourhood.

To sum up, this entry well may be the single one in June. If so, the next one will be due on the 1st of July.

Unless, if I can figure out some riding in the next few days or weeks — then the next entry welcomes you on the road.

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